The Mercan Group has its home base in Montreal and more than a dozen offices around the globe.  The Mercan Group has been AII Funds’ primary investor-locating partner for several years now. Founded in 1989 by Jerry Morgan, the Mercan Group originally focused on Canadian immigration programs. In 1997, Jerry started Beijing Sino-Mercan Consulting (BSMC), the Beijing office of the company that has been instrumental in helping AII Funds match its projects with investors for many years as Robert Lubin and Jerry Morgan worked closely to create successful EB-5 projects.

Mercan has worked closely and successfully with AII Funds (and its predecessor RLAPC) for 26 years.  This relationship jumped to new heights starting with the Natchez Riverside Entertainment, LP project in 2011.  Mercan and its affilliates have been AII Funds primary source for introductions to EB-5 investors for the course of the last several years. This mutually beneficial relationship has led to countless successful contacts in China, Vietnam, and across the Middle East. Mercan’s many offices and partners around the world provide investors with experienced local contacts, while also being supported all the while by the back office staff at Mercan’s Montreal location and the AII Funds/AII Law team in Virginia.