Regional Centers

The AII Funds team owns and manages two USCIS-designated EB-5 regional centers, the Mississippi Development Regional Center and Southeast Foreign Investment Center. AII Funds also affiliates with several other regional centers around the country, allowing our projects to take place across the United States.

Regional centers are vital to the EB-5 process because they allow for expanded ways to count job creation, which provides greater security and protection for investors. EB-5 investors in regional center projects may count not only the directly-created jobs attributed to their investments but also the ones which were indirectly created and induced based upon the infusion of capital in the local economy. AII Funds begins each project by working with an economist who can predict the total job creation that can be expected based upon data about the local environment and the project’s likely costs and later revenues.

Today, the two regional centers cover almost the entire southeastern United States. MDRC covers all of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri as well as part of Tennessee, while SFIC covers Georgia and Florida, with a pending expansion request (and an approved project) in South Carolina. In addition, AII Funds partners and affiliates with other regional center owners around the country including Golden Lamp Regional Center, on whose behalf AII Law secured multi-project Exemplar approval and the authorization of a designation covering Utah, Colorado and Arizona in 2017.

Most recent designation letters can be found here:

I-924 Exemplar Approval of MDRC (MCE, GBR, FRBH, LRMU projects)

Designation Amendment Approval Notice – SFIC