AII Funds is one of the nation’s largest EB-5 development groups


AII Funds has participated in over one billion dollars of real estate development projects including the delivery of over $300 million in EB-5 investor funds to those projects. AII Funds can point to a history of more than 25 different project approvals in over a dozen states across America. Our projects have a track record of securing I-526 and I-829 petition approval as well as full redemption for their investors.

AII Funds projects are different from most other EB-5 investments available today. Most notably, our partnerships generally take an equity stake in the businesses in which they invest, allowing the EB-5 group to maintain a measure of control over project success and job creation. While any investment involves a degree of risk and, by law, EB-5 investment must be at risk, AII Funds projects are structured to minimize the risk of loss of principal to EB-5 investors. AII Funds projects commonly take advantage of federal, state and local government incentives, which become available upon project completion and add equity back into the project – this gives our investors a clear and viable roadmap to see the return of their investment.